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Trim Puller by Zenith

Easily remove trim and baseboard without damaging the wall or trim
Watch the Trim Puller in action


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Product Description

Zenith Trim Puller

  • Engineered for repair or remodel projects where you need to remove trim and don’t want to damage your walls. The perfect tool to make a frustrating task a smooth process.
  • Great for removing trim, tile, flooring, paneling, or anywhere you would have used a crowbar and wedge.
  • 3-points of contact, designed to save trim and keep your walls safe
  • Ergonomic design + 15 degree wedged center = minimal effort and time
  • 48Rc Hardened steel
  • EPDM rubber handle
  • Better Tools’ Lifetime Tool Warranty
  • Better Tools Part number BT703-TP

A revolutionary, patented tool that does all the work of a pry bar and claw but without the damage. The Trim Puller is designed specifically for repair or remodel projects where you aren’t destroying but rather reusing your trim, baseboard, cabinets, flooring and other materials. What sets the Trim Puller apart from other tools is the contact area combined with the 15 degree wedged center for easy extraction. The Trim Puller has the largest and flattest contact area versus the single contact areas found on a pry bar or a claw. No shim or small board spacer is needed. So stop damaging walls and get yours today!

The Trim Puller is great at removing baseboard, trim, molding, quarter round, tile, counter tops, wood floor, tack strips, decorative door and wall moldings, and chair railings without damaging the materials so you can reuse them and also without damaging your drywall so you won’t have to go back and repair the holes in your sheet rock. ZN700001

Additional Information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 4 x 3 in