Better Tools Full Tool Warranty

Warranty Coverage
This warranty covers tools sold by Better Tools that are damaged or broken during normal use due to defects in materials or craftsmanship.

Blades and other consumable products or accessories are warranted to be functional as described in the original offer.

Warranty Exclusions
This warranty does not cover consumable parts that are worn, damaged, or broken due to standard wear and tear. This includes blades that are worn from regular use. Batteries are warranted to the original manufacturers’ specifications.

This warranty does not cover colors, finishes, or other visual attributes of a product damaged due to exposure to the elements or due to normal wear.

Coverage Period
This warranty is valid for the lifetime of the warranted part.

Parties Covered
This warranty is valid for to the current owner of the product, even if the current owner is not the original owner.

Better Tools will provide a replacement part for any part retailing under $100. In the case where the part is no longer available, a comparable part may be substituted. The consumer may be asked to return the defective product to Better Tools or original purchase location.

Better Tools may attempt to repair any product retailing over $100. In the case of repair, work will be complete within 60 days of return with no cost to the customer. If the repair is not feasible, a comparable product may be offered.

Exclusions or Limitations
Better Tools will not cover any cost that may occur beyond the cost of the original purchase price of the tool or accessory. Better Tools may not repair a product if it is deemed more feasible to offer a replacement.

Warranty Service
For warranty inquiries, contact Better Tools at 800-798.6657 or at www.better-tools.com. The consumer may also contact the original seller or distributor. The consumer may be asked to return the defective product or to supply photographs of the defective part.

Owner Responsibilities
1. Follow product directions and heed product warnings.
2. Replace consumable parts; e.g. blades, bulbs, fuses, springs, etc.
3. Connect electronic products to the proper source of power for sufficient voltage.
4. Do not attempt improper or unauthorized repairs.
5. Any defect caused by abuse, misuse, neglect, carelessness, or accident.
6. Avoid extended exposure of the product to the elements.

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