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A tradition of excellence since 1965

The Tradition

The Tradition Better Tools was started in 1991 with the focus of creating a Better Knife. Better Tools’ first product was the Banana Knife, a retractable utility knife. The Better Tools product line has since expanded to a full array of tooling for the flooring, roofing, and industrial contracting markets. Notable products include Gorilla Blades, The Jet Blade (Ultimate Scraper Blade), Gorilla Guards, The Slayer, and the Zenith Trim Puller. In 2001, Better Tools became a part of American Cutting Edge and moved to its current location in Centerville, Ohio.

Better Tools’ mission is to relentlessly serve our customers. Our vision is to become our customers’ most trusted partner through speed, innovation, and reliability. Better Tools’ product focus is on quality. To reinforce this commitment to quality, Better Tools is proud to announce our new warranty policy.

Better Tools’ Gorilla Blades are specifically engineered for professionals. Gorilla Blade carpet blades are triple-ground to ensure a better cut and longer blade life. Gorilla Blades are also available is dispensers to allow for safety and ease of disposal.

The Jet Blade – also known as the Ultimate Scraper Blade – is uniquely designed to float material over the clamp, making tear-out simpler. The Jet Blade last 40 times longer than standard scraper blades. The Jet Blade is made of solid Stainless Steel and can be re-sharpened for longer use.

Better Tools’ Gorilla Guards are boot wear protectors designed to extend the life of your boot. Available in four colors.

Released in January 2016, The Slayer’s unique use of a 4” blade doubles the available cutting surface of other utility knives. This allows the user to cut many different materials. The 9” tool length dramatically increases the range of cut motion by more than 1.5”, providing less hand fatigue and protection from objects in the cut path. Stop scraping your knuckles on tack strip! Equipped with 4 Better Tools scraper blades. Handle doubles as blade storage. When utility knives fall short, The Slayer gets the job done!

Better Tools is now a distributor for the Zenith Trim Puller. The Zenith Trim Puller is engineered for repair or remodel projects where you need to remove trim and don’t want to damage your walls. The perfect tool to make a frustrating task a smooth process.

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