Better Tools Introduces Their New Line of Cushion Back Cutters

July 14, 2016

Centerville, Ohio – Better Tools, LLC, a manufacturer of specialty flooring installation tools, announces the launch of their new line of Gorilla Cutters Cushion Back Cutters. The Gorilla Cutter Cushion Back Cutters offer an all stainless steel ergonomic design with blades set at a 30-degree angle. The single and double blade cutters offer an easy loading blade slot and adjustable blade depth. The double blade lock cutter provides a winged fastener for quick turn blade changes and adjustments.

Each Gorilla Cutter comes complete with their 20-pack mini carpet blade dispenser with built-in blade disposal filled with 3G Extreme Heavy Duty Round-End Carpet Blades.

Better Tools’ team of professional product testers were impressed with the Gorilla Cutter’s ease of use and ergonomic design. The tools were tested side-by-side with other cushion back cutters and the Gorilla Cutter won hands down! Our blades made the tool glide better with smoother cuts. Tools were stable (ergonomically comfortable).

Better Tools understands that reliable tools are essential to get jobs done quickly, safely, and precisely and as such has implemented additional quality and testing practices to ensure its tools meet the demands required of professional contractors. In reinforcing its mission to relentlessly serve its customers, Better Tools offers a FULL lifetime warranty on all tools. For more information on Better Tools’ warranty visit:

About Better Tools
Better Tools was started in 1991 with the focus of creating a Better Knife. Better Tools’ first product was the Banana Knife, a retractable utility knife. The Better Tools product line has since expanded to an array of tooling for the flooring, roofing, and industrial contracting markets. Notable products include Gorilla Blades, The Jet Blade (Ultimate Scraper Blade), Gorilla Guards, The Slayer, and the Zenith Trim Puller. In 2001, Better Tools became a part of American Cutting Edge and moved to its current location in Centerville, Ohio.

Better Tools’ mission is to relentlessly serve our customers. Our vision is to become our customers’ most trusted partner through speed, innovation, and reliability. Better Tools’ product focus is on quality, which is reinforced by their lifetime warranty provided on all tools.