Family of Companies

About our Family of Companies

All of our divisions are family owned and operated since 1965.

Industrial Razor Blades:
Blades generally thinner than 1-mm.  All shapes, sizes and materials. Visit or call 888-252-3372 for more information on industrial razor blades and hand knives.

Professional Installation Tools:
Quality tools for flooring, roofing and other professional contractors. Visit or call 800-798-6657 for more information.

Machine Knives:
Blades generally thicker than 0.040” (1mm). All shapes, sizes and materials. Visit or call 800-543-6860 for more information on Machine Knives.

Heat Treatment Services:
Our heat treatment equipment is among the best in the area. Vacuum heat treatment and induction hardening is our specialty. Daily pick-up and delivery service for all your heat treatment needs. Visit or call 800-945-2844 for more information on heat treatment.

Wire EDM Service:
Tight tolerances are not a problem. Our wire EDM machines can hold tolerance to +/- 0.0002”. Yes, plus or minus 2 ten thousands of one inch. Visit or call 800-543-6860 for more information.

CNC Machining & Grinding:
Our grinding machines are not only for our blades and machine knives. Visit or call 800-543-6860 to learn more about having us grind your parts exactly to your specifications.

Prouduct Out-Sourcing:
From start to finish, we can source and warehouse your non-blade products as well. Cost savings and quality guaranteed from within our qualified factory network. Visit or call us toll-free at 888-252-3372 for free consultation or custom quotation.