BT’s Quick Tip Article in Summer ProInstaller

August 31, 2016

Extend Scraper Blade Use to Save Time, MoneyBy Teresa Lawson, Product Manager, Better Tools

Proper floor preparation is essential when replacing or remodeling flooring in existing structures. However, proper floor preparation has always been a time intensive task. Installers are faced with a multitude of obstacles when tackling floor removal. From adhesive, carpet glue, tack strip, VCT, to ceramic, each floor removal has its own unique circumstances to overcome.

Floor removal with a traditional scraper tool requires frequent, time-consuming, blade changes due to blade breakage (Figure A). Common floor installation materials, such as nails, staples, and tack strip contribute to blade breakage. Standard scraper blades require shorter stokes and more force to remove flooring material increasing the time and energy needed. In addition to increased time and blade cost, a typical scraper system allows debris to enter the chuck of the scraper tool, causing permanent damage to the tool (Figure B).

New products on the market can handle this situation. Solid stainless steel scraper blades with a skirted design allow for longer uninterrupted strokes through a multitude of material. The solid stainless steel design decreases the change of blade breakage, causing the blade to last forty times longer than traditional scraper blades. This can decrease the time needed by up to 60% to prepare the floor for installation. The unique design allows the blade to be resharpened for extended use. The skirted design causes the debris to float over the scraper tool rather than clogging the blade clamp, extending the life of the tool.

Published in the Summer 2016 issue of ProInstaller