SCORE! the toughest LVT on the market with Better Tools

August 31, 2016

Scoring Cutting LVT tile

How do you cut Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Tests on the industries hardest Luxury Vinyl Tile reveal the 20304 German Concave Hook Blade remains sharp up to 3X longer than standard utility blades! The 20304 blade fits any utility knife. Score the material and then simply snap the plank for a clean break! Made of  German Steel, the 20304 has a sturdiness that will not fail, even with the hardest and thickest Luxury Vinyl Tile on the market! Score the hardest LVT on the market with Better Tools’ 20304 German Concave Hook Blade!

Score and Break LVT tileBetter Tools part number 20304 sold in boxes of 100 blades, 5 per wrap.